Working with us will be an experience; we value every kind of story and want to ensure that yours is told with care, love and a healthy dose of fun. 

You won’t find a price list here. Every project requires a unique set of tools and preparation. Therefore, we prefer to understand the project before stamping a price tag on it.



Party of one or more

You want to treat yourself to a photo shoot just because.

You and your friends may have 99 problems but taking pictures ain't one.

Your event is an intimate table for two, or party for 10, 20, 50 or a monumental shindig like a festival, wedding, birthday or any shower.


Still Photography for film productions

You need actual behind the scenes photos of the cast and crew goofing about on set to buff up your film's social media channels.

You need high-resolution photos  to create an unforgettable film poster. 

You need a bank of photos to use for festival submissions, press tours, or simply to create a memorable album.


Fashion Editorials

You need that show-stopping cover for your magazine or have a crazy creative idea for a fashion spread. 

You're a company, brand or individual keen to spice up your portfolio.

Think Vogue spreads, The Hollywood Reporter articles and TIME portraits.